ZPT-TR The T Rex

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Optimal Operating Pressure:
2.5 Bars (36 PSI)
Recommended Pressure Range:
0.5-3 Bar (7-45 PSI)
250g (8.8 oz)
180mm length, 26mm maximum diameter (7" long, 1" diameter)
Air Consumption:
5 lpm (0.17CFM)
70-75 dB
2m polyurethane hose + PCL/Euro Connector
On/Off Mechanism:
Ball Valve
Variable 5,000-8,000 depending on stylus/pressure

Product Overview

The ZPT-TR is a super low air consumption and low pressure air pen. It works on an impact driven system (sometimes called a pneumatic hammer) designed to deliver powerful matrix removal with an ergonomic design. With multiple interchangeable styli available (comes with 3mm chisel and 3mm point with other options purchasable separately), it is truly a versatile tool that can achieve initial roughing all the way through to finishing work. It will save you TIME and MONEY on operating costs. These tools truly are the state-of-the-art technology in the fossil preparation world.

  • Supremely powerful, packing a real punch for its size
  • The LOWEST air consumption (as low as 5l/min or 0.17CFM)
  • Nominal operating pressure of 2.5 Bar (36PSI)
  • Non-rotating stylus locking system
  • Rubber coated for thermal insulation and vibratory dampening
  • Range of interchangeable styli made from high grade tungsten carbide

We manufacture each tool right here in Dorset, with micron-level precision. With the body and head made from high-grade, corrosion resistant stainless steel, coated in rubber for better grip and thermal/vibration insulation, with the finest tungsten carbide styli; we design these tools to last.

The interchangeable stylii (pointed tip, chisels, etc.) come in different diameters so that it really is the most versatile tool and will provide you with excellent value for money. This will see you through from roughing work and matrix removal all the way to the final stages of micropreparation and finishing work. We are also able to make custom styli on request specific to your requirements (e.g. extra long). 

Raise the pressure to 2.5 or 3 Bars with the 3mm chisel or pointed stylus and you will have the full impact force of the piston at your disposal for removing large amounts of matrix. Switch to the optional 1.5mm stylus and you will have less power in exchange for a much larger number of beats per minute. A pyrite chisel geometry is also available, designed to cut  through heavily pyritic rock. With either the 3mm styli or 1.5mm stylus you can adjust the power of the TR by controlling the pressure with the supplied regulator. 

The forceful impacts on the piston and the lower beats per minute (as compared to higher pressure tools) provide an action that lends itself to 'popping' matrix away from a fossil. The T-Rex is particularly effective on 'sticky' rocks, and with the 1.5mm stylus becomes highly workable on much smaller fossils. 

The ZPT-TR is a impact-driven design using an internal piston which reciprocates within a cylinder. This design does not use any springs for the return stroke and so the required air volume and input pressure are lower than the pusher-plate designs. This piston, at one end of its stroke, hits the anvil to which the stylus is attached and which is supported between o-rings ensuring oprtimal transmission of the impact force to the matrix.

The pressure can be adjusted at the point where you plug in the tool using the pressure regulator, circumventing the need to adjust it at the compressor itself. This means you can have all your tools plugged in and operating at their normal running pressure at the same time as running the T-Rex. 

Customer and professional preparator feedback is truly excellent, with many people amazed by the sheer power of this little tool and the way it ‘bites’ into the rock without bouncing back. 

Check out this video to see the TR in action on a variety of different British Rocks. 

Presentation packaged in a wooden box. Box includes: 3mm tungsten carbide point stylus and 3mm tungsten carbide chisel stylus, 3 spare stylus O-rings, 1 spare anvil O-ring, pressure regulator, silicone o-ring grease, tool oil, inline air filter, 2m polyurethane hose, user manual.

We often get asked how the tools run at such low pressures, and why can't you just run them at higher pressures like normal air pens (6 Bar/90 PSI)? These tools are incredibly powerful, and should they be raised to 90 PSI or 6 Bars, the impact energy would be so enormous that it would most likely shatter the tungsten carbide stylus. For instance, the T-Rex running at 2.5 Bars (36 PSI) is probably 3-5x more powerful than the ZPT-CP or the ZOIC Chicago (modified CP 9361) running at 6 Bars (90 PSI). 



**We experience very high demand for this particular tool and are often operating a waiting list on it. We currently have them available for pre-order which means that we will dispatch a tool for you as soon as it becomes available. The ZPT-TR is a very challenging tool to manufacture (working at tolerances 1/50th of a human hair sometimes!), which means production takes time. This is how we can ensure each and every tool acheives the highest standards of quality.**

Using a pre-order system helps us guide or prioritise so that we can coordinate our manufacturing most efficiently. We will endeavor to communicate with you any developments. Please do contact us if you require further information on our waiting list times. 

Warranty Information

1 Year from Date of Purchase


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    Posted by DM on 30th Apr 2020

    Thank you for sending so fast it arrived yesterday and i have been using it all day:) i am very happy and it has exceeded my expectations, i am only an amateur collector/prepper but this really feels great all round, i am glad i bought the other tips as i really like the pyrite geometry and 1.5mm tip very good, i was so pleasantly surprised to be able to use on finer stuff as well, thank you so much i am sure i will be back for more