ZPT The Microraptor

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110g (3.9 oz)
145mm length, 12mm diameter (5.7" length, 0.5" diameter).
Optimal Working Pressure:
4-6 Bar (58-90PSI)
Air Consumption:
6 lpm (0.2 CFM)
70-75 dB
2m polyurethane hose + PCL/Euro Connector
On/Off Mechanism:
Ball Valve

Product Overview

The Microraptor was designed primarily for the final stages of fossil preparation. Sick of seeing dink marks? This tool will make you the best preparator you can be! Fantastic for detailed work and prepping fragile fossils. Complete with a 1.5mm tungsten carbide stylus, you’ll be able to do some of the finest work. Whether you're uncovering the delicate fin of a fish, the snarling teeth of an ichthyosaur, prepping the spines of a trilobite or removing calcite micron-by-micron from an ammonite, or working to the centre of your most prized piece; this is the tool for you. 

  • 1.5mm diameter extra-long tungsten carbide stylus
  • Complete with Air Cushion Technology to prevent kick-back. 
  • Hardened and tempered bushing and precision fit stylus (no stylus wobble!)
  • Ultra-grip knurled handpiece
  • Exhaust ports to clear workspace
  • Silencing mechanism
  • Extremely low air consumption

Designed for the final stages of fossil preparation, the ZOIC Microraptor is best used with optical aid either by a magnifier or a binocular microscope. The level of vibration transmitted to substrate/matrix/fossil is very small, allowing the user to work right up to fragile structures such as spines, delicate vertebral process, teeth that are likely to spall with another tool, and free standing-structures. It can even be used to remove the thinnest crusts of matrix, small patches of ammonite shell without damaging the calcite underneath, or to clean each pore of a bone surface without air abrasive. 

This tool uses a pusher-plate mechanism, which requires higher input pressure but achieves finer results and is excellent for delicate work. This tool is best used with minimal force - i.e. let the air scribe do the work! The stylus is very thin and delicate so that you can get the best results, but this also makes it fragile if not used correctly. The airflow is directed onto the fossil, keeping the surface dust free.

This small tool lends itself to the utmost control. With in-built Air Cushion Technology, this tool has a very soft and refined feel as it first touches the matrix, making it resilient to kick-back even on hard rocks. With an ultra-grip knurled handpiece, it sits perfectly and lightly in your hand. 

The operational pressure of the MR is at the users discretion. 6.3 Bars (90 PSI) is appropriate for the majority of situations, but the pressure can be turned down to 4 Bars (60 PSI) for very delicate work. This is the pressure at which the tool will begin to stall if too much pressure is exerted by the user. This is a benificial feature that encourages the user to be less 'aggressive' in their preparation, particularly when working with something that requires a great deal of patience! 

Packaged in a wooden presentation box. Also in the box: 3 spare stylus pressure plate o-rings, silicone o-ring grease, user manual.

*Please note that the latest models of Microraptor have exhaust ports to clear dust rather than diffuse exhaust (based upon customer feedback). If you require a diffuse exhaust, please contact us as we are happy to make one to order for you. 

Warranty Information

1 Year from Date of Purchase


(2 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by Dave Knott on 5th Aug 2020

    Wonderfully fine airscribe perfect for finishing work and close up detailing , very frugal air consumption.With this tool I can take my home prepping up to the next level.There is also a great level of service from the Zoic Palaeotech team...Highly recommended

  • 5
    Incredible Precision and Control

    Posted by The Wobbly Fossiler on 31st May 2020

    I purchased the Microraptor back in mid-September 2019 whilst looking to replace my existing air scribes. Initially this was for preparing away thin ammonite shell, but this tool really is so much more than that. It feels as though you are holding nothing more than a pen, extremely comfortable in the hand even after prolonged use, and allowing for exacting precision for delicate tasks. In the time since purchase it has had hundreds of hours of work with individual and multi-bed ammonite fossils to remove or tidy ammonite shells, occasionally small fish remains and bone. On even moderately sized ammonite specimens it's possible to remove the last layer of shell covering the calcite mould beneath without hitting the mould itself (not a fan of imapct marks!). I'm currently cleaning a Cretaceous Upper Greensand lobster moult and the thinnest area cleaned and measured so far is 1/40th of a millimetre (0.025mm) @ 90PSI without destroying the delicate specimen. This tool is for close up, fine detail work with the high impact frequency and narrow stylus combining to give a tool that never fails to bring a massive cheesy grin to my face! If you're after incredible precison, pinpoint control and enormous amounts of satisfaction then I highly recommend this without a second thought - a joy to use! J Carroll The Wobbly Fossiler Fossil Preparator