Unprepped Fossils for Sale

Unprepared fossils for sale! We sell a selection of unprepared or partly prepared fossils for you to clean up at home. Some of these fossils have a bit of exploratory prepwork done to confirm the presence and/or species of the fossil within.

The price is determined as best we can based on the material as it can be seen. As with all unprepared material, there is no certainty that the fossil contained will be complete or of a certain type of preservation. However, on the other end of this scale, if you order a 1 inch Asteroceras and find a 6 inch one next to it in the same nodule that we didn’t know about, we won’t be charging you extra. We try to establish the potential of each rock as best we can before sale.

Of course every fossil is different, and whilst we will try to describe what your experience of preparation might be like in the description, even within certain types of rock there are fossils that will clean easily and others that might be more difficult.

We have a rating system to help you identify which fossils might be best suited to your skill level and the tooling you possess.

★ Easy. Typically soft rock like shale. Likely well suited to using a scalpel, pin vice or dental picks.

★ ★ Moderate. Relatively easy to clean. Harder rocks that might require and engraver or an air pen (air scribe).

★ ★ ★ Difficult. Recommended to use air pens and/or air abrasive where possible. Harder rocks and more complex fossils. More likely to be ‘sticky’.

★ ★ ★ ★ Advanced. These pieces are the most challenging and will require use of air pens and an air abrasive to achieve the best results. 


 All fossils that we stock have been responsibly collected and legally obtained, as per the rules and regulations of their respective sites. 

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