Superglue Debonder (Liquid) 50g

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Product Overview

Removes superglue from fossils, minerals and rock. Fast and easy removal of cyanoacrylate adhesive, old or new! Debonder makes it possible to unstick and realign a join, or remove old poor quality cyanoacrylate that has yellowed over time.

Brilliant for removing the superglue that somehow gets on your skin no matter how careful you have been! If you have a habit of attaching yourself to what you're gluing, this is an essential for your workshop. 

Shake well before using. Apply direct from bottle. If used to remove glue from skin, allow debonder to penetrate the bond line for 60-120 seconds and rub in with fingertips. On rocks and fossils, removal may take longer after application or repeat applications may be required for thick glue or a deep bond line. Allow glue to soften which can then be scraped away. Clean the surface of the rock or fossil with isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth. May stain light surfaces.

50g bottle with 2 precision applicators.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review