SILENT ZOIC Fossil Preparation Starter Kit

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Was: £670.00
Now: £665.00
Please be aware that we do not have any FFP3 masks in stock which is reflected in the price. We ask that you wear adequate respiratory protection when prepping fossils.

Product Overview

Get started in the world of fossil preparation! This professional level kit is all you need to plug in and get prepping, complete with a silent compressor for those of you who must have a quiet working environment.

  • Got neighbours to think about?
  • Living in a flat or an apartment?
  • Really don't like loud noises?

At a bargain price, this beginner's kit comes with a SILENT air compressor, air pen (the classic ZOIC Chicago), stone-dust rated dust mask, safety glasses, and all the fittings and connectors you require as well as a guide to getting it all set up. Saving £69, this is the ultimate in value for professional-level industry-standard equipment.

For a beginner, the world of pneumatics can be totally mindboggling. Whilst we’re always happy to advise you, we thought we’d take some of the weight off and put together a starter kit with some of our best selling products. Most professional fossil preparators we know are self taught, and many of them started out with the basics with a set-up like this.

**NB: We are currently not able to provide a dust mask due to global demand - we have reduced the price of this kit to reflect this. Please be conscious to use adequate respiratory protection**


The Air Pen (Air Scribe)

The ZOIC Chicago is an excellent all rounder, particularly for harder rocks. The Chicago Pneumatic (CP-9361) is the workhorse of many established workshops, universities and museums due to its versatility, power and durability. This tool is modified specifically for fossil preparation by ZOIC PalaeoTech, with a hardened bushing and 2.5mm tungsten carbide stylus. 

We have created a new stylus bushing, which has been hardened and tempered. This prevents wear from the 2.5mm tungsten carbide stylus as it travels backwards and forwards, thus preventing ‘wobble’ in the point. We have also given the tool a rubber coating to minimise vibrations, provide more grip and provide some kind of insulation against the cold air flowing through (a nice touch considering so much fossil preparation takes place in unheated garden sheds!). Following consumer feedback, we have even fitted our version with a silencer to reduce noise output.

The air consumption is extremely low at only 6lpm (0.2cfm), providing 13,500 bpm. The ZOIC Chicago has a nominal and maximum operating pressure of 6 Bars (90 PSI).

We modify each tool right here in Dorset, and take enormous pride in our workmanship. Each tool is quality controlled before it leaves our workshop. We use the geniune article as our starting point, sourced from Chicago Pneumatic, which means that the cylinder and piston are hardened and durable. We design all of our modifications to last the trials of fossil preparation. Each air pen comes with its serial number from Chicago Pneumatic, confirming the authenticity of the parts.

The ZOIC Chicago

  • Weight: 140g/5oz
  • Dimensions: 150mm length, 18mm diameter (5.9 inches long, 0.7 inch diameter)
  • Optimal (and maximum) operating pressure: 6 Bars (90PSI)
  • BPM: 13,500
  • Air consumption: 6 LPM (0.2cfm)
  • Lowest working pressure: 4 Bars (58 PSI)
  • Noise: 80db
  • On/Off mechanism: Inbuilt twist valve.
  • Connection: 2.4m long hose. Supplied with EURO male quick connector to match the compressor.
  • Also in the box: 3 spare stylus O-rings, inline filter, silicone o-ring grease, tool oil, user manual.

The Air Compressor

This kit comes with a 24l NUAIR Super Silent TECH OL244/24 Air Compressor, the perfect match for the ZOIC Chicago. This oil-free air compressor is suitable for small spaces and is very low maintenance. It is remarkably powerful (silent compressors usually come with the trade off of reduced power, but this one is great!) and portable, with a fantastic output volume for its size (i.e. lots of compressed air!). Thermal motor protection overload, on/off pressure switch, pressure regulator and pressure gauge.

The NUAIR Super Silent TECH OL244/24 24l Direct Drive Air Compressor is a powerful little air compressor for its size. Running at only 62dB, the noise can be overpowered by a little background music! Oil-less design means low maintenance and no risk of oil spillage. Will comfortably run all ZOIC PalaeoTech air pens. 

24l NUAIR Super Silent TECH OL244/24 Air Compressor

Tank Size: 24l
Motor: 0.7kw (1 HP) Induction
Air Capacity: 200L/min (7.1 CFM)
Weight: 21kg
Dimensions: 595 x 260 x 580 mm
Input Current: 13A
Noise: 62 dB
Max. Pressure: 8bar (116PSI)
Oil Lubricated: No

The Protective Equipment

  • FFP3 Face Mask (currently out of stock - price reflects this!)
  • Safety Goggles

This kit comes with an FFP3 face mask, which is recommended as a minimum for fossil preparation. Not all face mask filters are created equal! Lighter duty ones won’t prevent you from inhaling rock dust as the particles can be so small. Typically used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, these masks are ideal for keeping you safe.

Please always wear a mask. Silicosis is a lung disease caused by breathing in silica particles (silica is a major component in sand and many rocks), which causes scarring of the lungs. Some fossiliferous limestones set underwater, and if you were to inhale that rock dust, you can imagine where it starts to set!

The ZOIC Fossil Preparation Starter Kit also comes with safety goggles to protect against airborne rock chips and dust.

Warranty Information

1 Year


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