Quick-Set Superglue Activator Spray

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Activator spray to instantly set superglue in place. Put the clamps away and let our non-yellowing formula do the job! Can be used with the entire range of ZOIC PalaeoTech cyanoacrylates.

  • Accelerates setting time of superglue
  • Increases bond strength on very porous substrates
  • Use sparingly and allow to evaporate

Whilst the slowed setting time of higher viscosity glues can be exceptionally useful, sometimes once you’ve got your pieces into place you just want them to set. By spraying on a little activator, you can accelerate the curing reaction to set the bond in place instantly. Most activators are associated with a yellow-staining. We use a very low staining formula for this very reason, but we would still recommend you test first on pale coloured fossils or rocks.

200ml aerosol spray


(No reviews yet) Write a Review