Promicroceras Multiblock with Wood, Charmouth, UK 023

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Promicroceras multiblock with a nice piece of wood. Some ammonites broken through, negatives showing but many complete and more still in the rock on the same plane. A nice variety of calcite colours and prepping down to the wood could make it a beautiful and artistic piece. Could be a little sticky so go carefully. Possible pathology (parasitic worm tube) on one of the Proms but would need cleaning to reveal whether this is the case. Some of the ammonties appear to be hollow so take care not to punch through. 

16cm x 12 cm 

★ ★ ★ Difficult. Recommended to use air pens and/or air abrasive where possible. Harder rocks and more complex fossils. More likely to be ‘sticky’.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review