Low Viscosity Superglue 500g

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Product Overview

Low viscosity superglue for consolidation and stabilising cracks in rocks, fossils and minerals. This is a very low viscosity cyanoacrylate (very close to the viscosity of water). Sets in seconds. 

  • Perfectly suited for permanent consolidation and stabilisation of rocks, fossils and minerals, plasticising the any pore it gets into. It utilizes wicking or capillary action for deep penetration into small cracks and any porous rock – i.e. it pulls itself into small spaces. 
  • Ideal for use when joining extremely closely fitting parts and smooth, even surfaces.
  • Great for consolidating hairline fractures or holding thin, flaky material in place during the process of fossil preparation. 
  • Can also be used to help prevent pyrite decay by sealing a fossil from the atmosphere via minute pore fill to prevent further oxidation and therefore pyrite decay.

20g bottle supplied with 5 precision applicators. 

Also available in 20g size.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review