Aluminium Oxide 53μm

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Product Overview

Air Abrasive Powder

Used as a cutting agent due to the angular grains and the Moh’s hardness of 9. Typically used speedy roughing work and matrix removal and smoothing. Not recommended for use with delicate or fragile fossils as it will destroy them.

Compatible with the majority of air abrasive units. Check that the nozzle and orifice are designed to take 53-70μm media. To be used with a clean, dry air supply to prevent clumping and clogging. Sieve before use. Please test on scrap rock before use.

Polishing Compound

Mix powder with a little water to create a polishing compound. After removing all surface scratches from fossil with wet and dry sandpaper, add a dap of paste onto the surface. Rub on a buffing wheel or vigourously by hand with a leather or felt pad.

Safety: For blasting applications, only use in a blast cabinet with an appropriate dust extraction system. Use appropriate personal protective equipment. Substance is not a skin irritant, nor a skin sensitiser. Wash skin with plenty of water and soap. Wear appropriate gauntlets when handling in blasting and polishing. In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water. If skin, eye or respiratory irritation persists, seek medical attention. This product is non-combustible. Noxious fumes may evolve in the event of fire.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review