Air Filters

All air abrasive units should be fed with exceptionally clean, dry air to prevent powder clogging (or rusting and clumping in the case of iron powder). When air compressors draw in air, the air is compressed until it reaches a set pressure above normal atmospheric pressure. When this happens, moisture or humidity in the air condenses out. This usually gathers in the bottom of the air compressor tank (which is why you drain it), but some of it will end up going into your airlines and towards your tools. 

We worked with Dropout® to develop an air filter kit perfectly suited to the demands of the fossil preparator. This kit serves as an all-in-one solution to replace these air filters that represents better value for money, easier installation and much easier and less costly maintenance. The complete kit is recommended for use with moisture sensitive powders like dolomite and iron, and a single dropout filter is more than sufficient for bicarb or aluminium oxide.

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