4 x 20g Low, Medium, High & Gel Viscosity Superglue, Debonder (50g) & Activator (200ml)

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Product Overview

  • 3 x 20g bottles of low, medium and high viscosity.
  • 1 x 20g of gel.
  • 1 x 50g bottle of debonder (choice between liquid or gel).
  • 1 x 200ml activator spray
  • 8 x precision applicators


Perfectly suited to a variety of tasks in fossil, mineral and rock conservation and preparation. 



Low viscosity superglue for consolidation and stabilising cracks in rocks, fossils and minerals. This is a very low viscosity cyanoacrylate (very close to the viscosity of water). Sets in seconds. 

  • Perfectly suited for permanent consolidation and stabilisation of rocks, fossils and minerals, plasticising the any pore it gets into. It utilizes wicking or capillary action for deep penetration into small cracks and any porous rock – i.e. it pulls itself into small spaces. 
  • Ideal for use when joining extremely closely fitting parts and smooth, even surfaces.
  • Great for consolidating hairline fractures or holding thin, flaky material in place during the process of fossil preparation. 
  • Can also be used to help prevent pyrite decay by sealing a fossil from the atmosphere via minute pore fill to prevent further oxidation and therefore pyrite decay.


A structural adhesive for industrial-strength general purpose bonding. This high-performance medium viscosity cyanoacrylate is a great all-rounder for joining surfaces together. This is one of the most useful and versatile superglues to have on hand. 

  • Fast setting
  • Strong and durable
  • Suitable for both porous and absorbent matrices, with some gap filling properties – it will fill small pores along the join.
  • Can be used to penetrate narrow gaps or bond closely fitted parts.
  • 120 cP viscosity which is approximately the same as a thin motor oil.


A structural adhesive for industrial-strength bonding where run-off needs to be controlled.

  • A high viscosity cyanoacrylate is particularly useful for pore and gap filling
  • Use where it is necessary to prevent the glue from running or spreading.
  • Suitable for long-lasting repairs and for bonding very porous surfaces.
  • Rapid setting, but a slightly slower set time than the medium and low viscosities allowing a few seconds for alignment of pieces. Spray with our Quick-Set Superglue Activator once you are happy with the position to set instantaneously. 
  • Fills wider cracks and holes where necessary.
  • 1500 cP viscosity which is approximately the same as gloss paint.

All surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry, oil and grease free. Apply to one surface only and bring together immediately. Once aligned and set, the components cannot be reset without debonder. Activator can be purchased separately to instantly set glue. Full cure after 24 hours.

1X GEL (20g tube)

A non-dripping structural adhesive for industrial-strength bonding. This extremely high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive gel is highly suited to gluing vertical surfaces without dripping.

  • It dries a little more slowly than the other cyanoacrylates and so gives time to align and set all pieces together correctly, allowing approximately 1 minute of working time.
  • It is extremely useful for gap and void filling.
  • Suitable for long-lasting repairs and for bonding very porous surfaces.
  • The tube with its tapered tip and the extra thick consistency of the glue allow you to apply just the right amount in just the right place.

When aligning pieces you have approximately 1 minute working time. The bond can usually be separated by hand after 2-3 minutes if required. Allow to set for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. Use our Quick-Set activator spray to instantly set the outer edges of the bond in place so that you don't have to hold it or clamp it!


1X ACTIVATOR (200ml)

Activator spray to instantly set superglue in place. Put the clamps away and let our non-yellowing formula do the job! Can be used with the entire range of ZOIC PalaeoTech cyanoacrylates.

  • Accelerates setting time of superglue
  • Increases bond strength on very porous substrates
  • Use sparingly and allow to evaporate

Whilst the slowed setting time of higher viscosity glues can be exceptionally useful, sometimes once you’ve got your pieces into place you just want them to set. By spraying on a little activator, you can accelerate the curing reaction to set the bond in place instantly. Most activators are associated with a yellow-staining. We use a very low staining formula for this very reason, but we would still recommend you test first on pale coloured fossils or rocks.

200ml aerosol spray



Removes superglue from fossils, minerals and rock. Fast and easy removal of cyanoacrylate adhesive, old or new! Debonder makes it possible to unstick and realign a join, or remove old poor quality cyanoacrylate that has yellowed over time. Brilliant for removing the superglue that somehow gets on your skin no matter how careful you have been! If you have a habit of attaching yourself to what you're gluing, this is an essential for your workshop.

Choice between liquid or gel:

  1. Gel: Non-dripping. SHAKE EXTREMELY WELL BEFORE USING. This product is thixotropic and will appear to be solid until agitated. Upon shaking, it will suddenly transform in front of your eyes into a gel-like consistency which allows for a lot of control in application.
  2. Liquid

Apply direct from bottle. If used to remove glue from skin, allow debonder to penetrate the bond line for 60-120 seconds and rub in with fingertips. On rocks and fossils, removal may take longer after application or repeat applications may be required for thick glue or a deep bond line. Allow glue to soften which can then be scraped away. Clean the surface of the rock or fossil with isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth.

Always wash hands with soap and water after handling as debonder can be a skin irritant. May stain light surfaces. Test a small area for suitability before using. Do not use debonder around eyes or mouth. Always wash hands with soap and water after handling as debonder can be a skin irritant.

50g bottle




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